Week 41 (30-03-2015 to 05-04-2015) -- Bye to this website and Continuing in another one

05 April, 2015

Thinking to move-in to newer version...
This site was earlier started only for MTech project..
Have already completed the college implementation in v0.0.1 itself..
Now, working on v0.0.7
At present, this site makes no sense since i have been updating beyond this projects as well as other hobby stuffs.
Though my project officially ends on May 1st week, I've decided to end this site since i completed the work by March 1st week before deadline itself.
The main documentation will be available --> here...

This project started from some paper scribbles. Then, some algorithm came from nowhere and then, stopped later. Proceeded with initiating MeowJS which got stuck. Then, extended the work to MeowRTC.

This site will not be deleted.


There will be 2 research publications made for this project.
(i) Optimizing the Performance of Web Browsers through Data Compression : A Study
[link will be added once it gets published]
Summary:- This work is phase-1 stage (June 2014 to December 2014). Data Compression algorithms will be studied. Problem issues that are affecting web browsers performance will be discussed.

(ii) Final paper
[link will be added after it gets accepted and published]
Summary:- Continuation from phase-1 (December 2014 to May 2015), the phase-2 final is done. Compression can not only be dependent upon bringing higher performance. We can add more ways too. WebRTC will be brought into light here. MeowRTC will be proposed.

Further/Future Works:-
This work is currently extended. Follow MeowRTC for updates and there is a separate site built too. Hoping to build a custom framework along with it, which is crazy. MeowJS is also not stopped yet. In meantime, I am doing some crazy geek-ing because i can not rely on one thing.

Where to follow?
Since this site is ended, Follow the New Site ---> COME HERE!!! (^_^)

This week updates --- (^_^)

01-04-2015 -- MeowRTC v0.0.6

-- Django fun (30-03-2015)
-- GO fun (31-03-2015)
-- Tried building OS #lol (02-04-2015)
-- DataStructures
-- VersionTheory

Dating works:-
-- Learned "E-Commerce Security" (04-04-2015)
-- Studied "Trusted Internet Security" (05-04-2015)
-- Finished final paper writing draft. (03-04-2015)

Week 37 to Week 40 (02-03-2015 to 29-03-2015) - Updates

29 March, 2015

Week 37 (02-03-2015 to 08-03-2015)

04-03-2015 --- MeowRTC v0.0.2

07-03-2015 --- meowrtc-p2p cloud

08-03-2015 --- MeowRTC v0.0.3

Week 38 (09-03-2015 to 15-03-2015)

10-03-2015 --- WebRTC Connectivity Study

10-03-2015 --- Review-2 Slides

13-03-2015 --- MeowRTC v0.0.4

Week 39 (16-03-2015 to 22-03-2015)

17-03-2015 --- DynamoDB samples

19-03-2015 --- Web Components Mix p0.0.7 and later

Week 40 (23-03-2015 to 29-03-2015)

23-03-2015 --- WebRTC algorithms Scribbles

25-03-2015 --- MeowRTC Website

26-03-2015 --- MeowRTC v0.0.5

26-03-2015 --- Paper working draft (still on-progress)

27-03-2015 and 28-03-2015 --- Vagrant fun

29-03-2015 --- Knowledge bundle site


1. Datastructures (Ruby, Python, Java)

2. Version-Theory

3. Workaholics

{ Week 35 & Week 36 } - Updates

01 March, 2015

Week 35 (16-02-2015 to 22-02-2015)

Release Updates
[16-02-2015 & 17-02-2015]

-- click here
-- MeowChatBox v2.0.1
-- MeowChatBox v2.5.0
-- MeowAudioStream v1.0.0
-- MeowImageLoaderAndCam v1.0.0

Week 36 (24-02-2015 to 01-03-2015)

Release Updates

-- MeowImageLoaderAndCam v1.5.1
-- MeowDirectFileSave v1.0.0
-- MeowSimplePeerTransfer v1.0.0
-- MeowJS v0.5.6
-- MeowRTC v0.0.1

Docs (Week 35 & Week 36)
(Still in-progress)
-- Project Working Draft
-- WebRTC Connectivity Study
-- WebRTC In-Practice Study
-- Some confidential tasks

Still more to explore! (^_^)

Week 35 (16-02-2015 & 17-02-2015) --- Updates

17 February, 2015

--- Released MeowChatBox v1.0.0

--- Wrote a study paper on WebRTC --> click here to access
--- Released MeowChatBox v2.0.0

[working draft in-complete, still writing] = click here (linked removed/deleted)

Still more to explore! (^_^)

Week 34 (09-02-2015 to 15-02-2015) - Updates

15 February, 2015

It's been a tough week. MeowJS was more like a Javascript Web Framework which was aimed to make the web browsers faster through scripts. Earlier, I didn't totally realize that I was actually building a framework. But, To build an amazing framework, it requires months of hardwork and commitment. As a one-person (not-so experienced), it might take a year. I still wonder whether i have been really building a framework or something else. Who knows? I've no regrets lol. It was fun. So, I wanted to modify the proposal with WebRTC. It's crazy. My project is already risky, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think that I might get a simple output only or hmmm… lol, but it's fine if I try with a modern upcoming web technology and that would help me later or get a good experience. And hey! I'll be still working on MeowJS too and other relevant stuffs to it, there is no stop. One thing is that:- I've learned a lot, but not more upto my satisfaction though lol. Please don't ask me any boring interview questions now, I will runaway. =D =D

Also, spent my weekend modifying my project documentation from phase-1… WebRTC is not a joke. One needs to learn a lot while attempting to make basic implementations on it at same time…
You can view it and You can also add your comments if u wish (phase-2) --- Click Here (Link removed/deleted)
I would have finished it by Sunday, but no… due to sickness lol.. Can't stop working though!

Still more to explore! (^_^)

Release updates:
[09-02-2015] MeowJS v0.5.2
[11-02-2015] MeowJS v0.5.3
[12-02-2015] MeowJS v0.5.4
[12-02-2015] [wcm] - p0.0.6
[13-02-2015] MeowJS v0.5.5

Week 33 (02-02-2015 to 08-02-2015) --- Release Updates

08 February, 2015

MeowJS -- repo>
[02-02-2015] -- MeowJS v0.4.20
[04-02-2015] -- MeowKillCSS-for-loader v0.0.2
[05-02-2015] -- MeowJS v0.5.0
[08-02-2015] -- MeowJS v0.5.1
I was also planning to release v0.5.2 today [08-02-2015] itself, but the tasks are more and still in pending. 
Due to other works like reading, so i became a bit tight. And also spent time thinking, all-time music & collecting info.
Not so much fulfilled from this week, though I'd to be happy with my efforts.. or minimal efforts.
Not fulfilled with coding too :( ... Need to learn, work & code more more! 
Also, Not fulfilled with knowledge! Need to learn more, do more researching and exploring.
Commits -- up-to-date
Download upto last commit -- latest

Main repo -- WebComponents-Mix
[03-02-2015] -- p0.0.1
[04-02-2015] -- p0.0.2
[05-02-2015] -- p0.0.3
[06-02-2015] -- p0.0.4 (I'd wrongly hyperlinked to download link), Go for newer p0.0.5
[07-02-2015] -- p0.0.5

Idle times
[06-02-2015] -- StupidHack v0.0.1

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